Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Auld Lang Syne

What a difference a year makes.

This week I've been putting the finishing touches on a half-marathon training program for our Running Club that begins with some 2 mile runs next month, and winds its way from there to the 13 mile road race.  A year ago I was putting together a program for this same group that started out with some 20 minute walks.  That's progress.

December tends to be the month that we reflect on the year gone by and decide whether it was a memorable one, or something a little more ordinary.  From a running perspective and specifically with respect to our Running Club, 2007 was terrific, to say the least.   To think a group of basically sedentary people could log hundreds of miles and for some, participate in six road races, all in the first year, is remarkable.

But my memories of 2007 are not just about the running; along the way we've had some fun too.  We designed and proudly model our very own clothing line; together we've enjoyed post-race "breakfasts" and post-Sunday run snacks; we hosted an Awards Gala complete with red carpet-worthy gowns and silky black ties; we shared in each other's triumphant finish of a July 10-miler; we nursed a few injuries and had the good sense to volunteer during, and not participate in, a mostly uphill October road race; we played tag, football and started our own ball hockey league; we put off our own running event with the inaugural Pouch Cove 5-K & Cabin Breakfast; we shuffled with Santa himself; and, in a few weeks, we'll take a 5-K victory lap to celebrate it all when the sun goes down on New Year's Eve and an unforgettable 2007.

Where does the time go?  To my fellow Running Club friends I say a huge thanks for the fun that was 2007 - you've inspired me in more ways than I could ever write about, and the respect and admiration I have for each of you is immeasurable.  You're all heroes in my book.

Look out Halifax and heads up 2008.  We're running our way to another special year.


RR said...

Congrats to all of you and keep it up up.

Bruiser said...

You're right T-bone...reflecting back over this year, it still amazes me at what we have all accomplished. But, as always you don't give yourself the credit you so deserve. You are our hero...if it wasn't for you none of us would have ever gotten to this point in our lives. Thanks for your focus, your training and your inspiration.

Bev said...

It sure has been a remarkable 2007!! Never dreamed I would I make it this far. But, with all the inspiration, encouragement and support from each one of you guys…I did it! It’s funny in the beginning, my main focus was if I was going to be able to actually do the running, but now I know I can. There sure have been many special moments, events and memories we’ve all shared over the past year that I’ll cherish for years to come. Best wishes to everyone for the merriest Christmas ever, and look forward to an exciting 2008 when we all lace up the sneakers again for another year!!

DM said...

Thanks to each of you for welcoming me into the group 6 months after you all had started. It was your enthusiasm and dedication that made me decide that I, too, wanted to become a runner.

But Mark, I agree with Jill, you don't give yourself enough credit. Because of your commitment and dedication, not only to running, but to us, you have turned us all into runners who are having a blast !

Merry Christmas to everyone and 2008 here we come.

Ray said...

As always Chancey your article is both inspirational and motivational. You have summed up the past year as we all see it but cannot write it quite the same as you. Unfortunately I sucome to injury early in the year and had to look on from the sidelines. Just to see and hear all you guys eager to get out there and get at it was a credit to Mark and his willingness to lend his good nature for our benefit.I'm recovered from my injury and have made appearances at the (rink) and have joined a gym to get myself better conditioned to catch up to all of you guys. This thinking health is not me. I was not a gym guy but now I am and I thank Mark and you guys for the inspiration and the knowledge to realize that health is a life long journey. Thanks Mark.

Crazy Legs said...

Bang on... imagine a year has gone by already. Congrats and thanks to all club members for your accomplishments and encouragement. A special thanks to the coach for the information, programs, knowledge and inspiration to get us where we are. We all will be in better shape this January than we were in 2007 so it will be that much easier to get going. I look forward to 2008, running in Halifax (read road trip) and the Tely 10. Merry Christmas to all club members.