Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The January blahs...


The presents have been opened, the turkey long finished, family members have all gone home. The post-Christmas January blahs have begun to set in.

No, you're not reading an old entry and no, I don't think I'm losing my mind, but the end of the Tely 10 Road Race, is for me, akin to the end of Christmas and all the celebration that surrounds it.

I have been keeping my mind busy with the memories of being a part of something really special just a couple of weeks ago. Along with my wife and family, eighteen of my co-workers, most of whom have only been running since January, participated in and finished the 10-mile race - a truly incredible and inspirational accomplishment.

Well done gang. Be proud of what you've done, brag about it at every opportunity, and never forget the feelings you experienced as you made your way down Bannerman Road - even greater days await us in the future.

I guess it's time to take the tree down.