Saturday, March 24, 2007

I work with runners...


I've been watching a really neat thing take place over the past two and half months; 15 of my co-workers have turned from non-believers into runners, equally dedicated to running as many of the elite who participate in the sport.

Our Running Club began the first week of January with 16 eager faces, most of whom were new to running. We started that week with 20 minute walks and have progressed to what will be our first 20 minute run, less then twelve weeks into our training on Monday, and our first two mile run is only a week away.

When I watch this group, I can't help but swell-up with pride at the collective and individual accomplishments - a real one-mind, one-heart mentality has developed among the group proving once again that running is so much more than an athletic event.

Running challenges us physically and mentally to accomplish what we never thought we were capable of, and when we reach our running goal, we then challenge ourselves to go faster or longer. Running teaches us that we can do extraordinary things if we fuel ourselves with the right dose of nutrition and fuel for the mind. Most notably though, running builds relationships galvanizing a group with a common interest. You learn a lot about other people in the sport when you sweat it out with them on the streets. You see what drives them to be better, you share in their individual triumphs, and you stick up for them and encourage them when a bad day comes along from time-to-time.

Whomever it was that said running was an individual sport never participated in a Running Club. I'm always proud to tell people that I work with runners.