Saturday, October 6, 2007

Picture this

Today, was a good day. Aside from washing the car and mowing the lawn, relatively pain-free, I put twenty minutes in on the treadmill doing a 4/1 walk/run session without any problems. There weren’t any noticeable changes to my usually poor running form, and both the walking and running segments were at my normal pace - a return to training is imminent. But before that happens, I will enjoy spending time at a new hobby for which I have developed quite a passion since being on the injured list - running photography.

I’m not much of a runner, and perhaps even less of a photographer, and I can blame both shortcomings on having inadequate equipment. But following the Running Club around on Sunday mornings looking for and setting up the “money shot” has become a highlight of recent weeks gone by. Club members might see it more as a stalking ritual, but they have yet to order me to cease and desist. Running during the fall was meant for photography. Autumn colours mixed with brilliant sunny mornings make for some memorable shots. And what better way to keep a smile on a runner’s face than by pointing a camera at him every 10 minutes along a route; again, Club members may see this differently than I do.

But for now, when you see me, don’t forget to say “cheese”.

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