Thursday, April 24, 2008

Good luck with that

By Ray Lawlor

Running. What’s it all about?

Well from my perspective this is how I see it.

First, the initial idea of going out and running gives me a feeling of “yes” with fists clenched. “Let’s do it!”

But the reality is you actually have to run, and by run I mean up hills as well, this is St. John’s, it is unavoidable.

Hmm, now the fun just left the idea.

I sit and think about this and realize it’s true; you do have to run to be a runner. Then the questions flood into my head; ones I find serious, like, do I want to do this for any length of time?


Do I want to be out in nasty weather to run?


Do I want to be getting up early in the mornings to run?


Do I want to feel the pain other runners talk about?

Definitely NO!

Do I really care when it comes down to it that I may even lose weight even if it’s just a few pounds?


So that’s it, I’m not going to run or be a runner, my mind’s made up.

Ah, my mind is relaxed - I don’t have to worry about running and all the bad weather with rain and snow and wind. I don’t have to do it. I don’t like it and I’m not doing it. For what?
Those poor suffering so-called runners out there today, cold and wet, and I’m here in my office warm and dry. Where would you rather be?

Time to check my e-mail, let’s see now...oh here’s one from Mark.

WHAT? Is he mad? Start a running club, here at work? The man is losing it. There is not a person in the office that can run the length of the building let alone a mile or two. Some of us (me especially) are even in our fifties, that’s too old to run. Let’s wait and see where this goes.

Good luck, Mark.

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