Thursday, January 31, 2008

The best laid plans

What a great time of year.

There's a buzz among Club members - nothing like setting a goal and laying out a plan to get the running juices flowing again. Just a few nights ago, I was practically gitty while packing my bag with my running gear in anticipation of the start of another training session; that and the fact that I hadn't run in a month and was eager to see how things were going with my body, from an injury point-of-view.

If you know me, you know I'm passionate about running, but passion alone doesn't get you to the starting line, discipline does. This will be my fourth attempt at training for a half marathon, the first three cut short by injuries of one form or another. I think I've done everything right this time and in a blog not so long ago, I made a commitment to being smart and getting in shape to start training for the May event. Let's review the checklist:

Take it slow. I will get back to form by taking it slow, never wimping out, but never overdoing it.

Check. Stopped running for a month to nurse an injured calf muscle; even gave up playing hockey, this is serious.

Lose weight. I will lose 30 pounds between now and the Halifax Half in May 2008. I will accomplish this by eating smart and exercising smarter. A smaller gut means less stress on my wonky lower back.

Check. Twenty-two pounds gone, eight more to go. Actually going to go for forty, so, eighteen more to go.

Have fun. I will enjoy every foot-strike while I am able, because I know how lousy it feels to watch from the sidelines, or worse, stare at the ceiling.

Check. This is never a problem but my usual feelings of euphoria have been intensified by being able to get back out with the group.

I've done my part, now its up to the running gods. Nobody knows how the future will unfold, all we can do is take it one foot-strike at a time. But boy it's great to able to take those foot-strikes again.

Destination: Halifax.

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