Friday, April 27, 2007


Hello Gang:

Well, here we are. All of the necessary footstrikes are behind us, and now you enjoy a couple of days rest before graduation day. You're all prepared, you'll all do well. Just think, our 4-month program is done - and some of you crossed your eyes in disbelief when you first saw our schedule (can't wait until you see the Tely 10 schedule!).

I can see major changes in many of you, physically and mentally since we started. Don't get too caught up in what the scale is telling you - you have greater muscle mass and less body fat compared to when you started. Chris, Dave, Shirley, Bev, Joan, Joanne and Terry have noticeably trimmed-down since we started. The rest of you were all pretty trim to begin with, so the physical change is not as easy to spot. Collectively, we're all much healthier and I'd be willing to bet you've noticed an increase in your energy levels since we started back in January. Running teaches us things about ourselves, and whether you choose to admit it or not, most of you have learned that your boundary for what you can achieve is much further than you ever thought. And who would have thought this late into our training program, I'd be at the back of the pack trying to chase you down. Go figure.

Today, your hearts are stronger, your lungs are stronger, your legs are stronger, and your minds are stronger, and this will help you out in many more ways than just running.

I look forward to cheering you home on Sunday! Just keep repeating one word in your head from start to finish..."tenacity" - that's what sets us apart.

It's a great day for a run.


Congratulations to everyone.


Hats off to all of my "running" family. I am sure we will all do each other proud on Sunday.


Wow - congrads to all of you.


I never thought I'd be doing we are.


I'll be proud to be on the finish line with all of you.

It's getting exciting!

See at you at the starting line. Let's do it!


I think everyone has thoroughly enjoyed this experience. I know I have. I look forward to getting out there each running day to train with the "crowd".
Good luck to everyone on Sunday.


Hi guys,

If someone were to have asked me six months ago about running 5 kilometres, I would have replied "you're crazy, I can't do that". But, for the past four months I have been taught you really can accomplish what you never ever thought possible. Our newly formed "Running Club" made up of an amazing group of co-workers, who would give you no other reason but to get your legs out there and put one foot in front of the other. And, believe you me, there were days when I thought I can't do this (but, who wanted to get that "Loser" flip from the group), and there were other days that I just couldn't get out there due to minor leg/knee pain (when it really felt like I was missing out, and wanted to be nowhere else but with the group). But, for me the past few weeks have been so exciting, to be encouraged in many ways by each "runner" of this group. To feel everyone's accomplishments (& pain at times!!), and to look forward to our first ever official 5K run together is truly amazing. To Mr. Lawlor, who was, on a number of times, my driving force (especially during our speed day in the front of the building) he stuck beside me giving me his support...unfortunately, he won't be out actually running with us, but we all know he will be there in thought, every step of the way....there's always next time Ray...just get better and hurry back.

Thanks to each member of the Running Club...and, good luck on Sunday!!!


There is nothing left for me to say. You don't even understand how much I brag about our running team to my family and friends.


I feel sooooo lucky to be part of such a great group of

Yer the best!

See you all at the finish line on Sunday!


Hi gang,

I feel sad I won't be with you to participate in your first official race but my thoughts and best wishes are with you.

Good luck and most of all, enjoy. See you Sunday morning

It's a great day for a run!

I can't wait for Sunday. It will be very emotional.

See you all there.


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Jessica said...

Hello Runners,

I have been following your amazing progress and I want to wish you all the best of luck on Sunday. Your dedication is truly inspiring.

I am particularly impressed with Terry...she's the greatest.

I hope you all have a wonderful time on Sunday.

Your Fan,

Jessie Richardson