Saturday, January 20, 2007

Smile, run, smile...

I've been inspired recently.

Oddly enough, the source of my inspiration was not from a Lance Armstrong-like performance in the New York City Marathon; in fact, it wasn't drawn from an athletic feat at all. I've been inspired by the 14 other members of our newly established Running Club, most of whom are brand new to running.

What inspires me about these people is their drive and enthusiasm to better themselves. In the short time that our group as been training, we've gone out in some pretty unfavourable weather conditions - high winds, heavy rain, extreme cold, and not once has a member of the group complained about what it is we're doing. Instead, on days we are scheduled to run, I always find the group assembled by our front door, dressed and ready with smiles as big as our building, for the next training session.

Running is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one and this group has conquered the mental side - the physical side will take care of itself in the weeks ahead.

I hope the group members can see the strides they've made thus far. These people have proven they never, ever give up. What do you do?

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